Wastewater Treatment

Package Plants for Wastewater Treatment - Designed for the Control of Industrial & Municipal Wastewater

ENV Product's Package Plants have been installed & setup in Africa, Asia & North America. Picture of our Package Plant installations are available.

ENV Product's steel field-erected package plants are pre-engineered, ensuring a simple & fast installation, even in remote locations. These package plants are durable & have been proven in installations throughout the world with handling capabilities for all types of climates.

Typical Influent Levels of BOD and TSS are 200 to 5,000mg/l - Standard Reduction is 90%

See some of ENV Products Package Plant installations. Package plants from ENV Products have been installed in North America, Asia & Africa.

APPLICATIONS - 1,000 to 1,000,000 gpd & larger

  • Municipal applications
  • Subdivisions
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Trailer Parks
  • Remote locations
  • Parks & recreational areas
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial applications
  • Truck stops & washes
  • Mining
  • Logging


  • Modular System Design for ease of installation
  • Pre-engineered insures accuracy & repeatability
  • Prefabrication under controlled condition
  • Factory controlled coatings for superior protection
  • Reduced engineering & production
  • Reduced maintenance through simplified design
  • Longer lifetime through controlled fabrication process

Please CLICK HERE for our Waste Water Treatment Questionnaire, which you will need to complete, print & return. This form has pertinent information needed to access your specific Wastewater needs


Equalization Chamber - Aeration Chamber - Clarifier(s) - Sludge Holding Tank - Disinfection - Blowers - Misc. Pumps - Control Package - Open or insulated top grating - ANSI spec. stairs & railing.

Wastewater Treatment AutoCAD Drawing
Wastewater Treatment AutoCAD Drawing



Muffin Monster or Influent Grinder - Oversized Equalization Chambers for applications where water flows are varied and come in surges - Phosphate and TKM Treatment - Round Mechanical Clarifiers - Tertiary Treatments such as UV, Ozone, and Reverse Osmosis..


Below Grade Installation

BELOW GRADE INSTALLATION - When discrete installations, or climate is an issue.




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