Air Filtration & Replacement Filters
Powder Injection System
Extend Cartridge Life Up to 10 Times
" The Injector" can be used for oily, sticky, static prone or moisture-laden debris.
It works by continually administering fine powders such as Lime, Diatomaceous Earth, or Bicarbonate of Soda, directly into the collector, or duct system. During this process, the debris mixes with, or is absorbed by, the injected powder. By this process, the static pressure in the collector is reduced, greatly enhancing the collectors airflow, ability to clean itself, & increasing filter life by, as much as 10 times.

Powder Injector System Diagram

The standard "I.S." series Injectors are operated by compressed air and 115-volt single-phase power. An optional 115-volt pressure blower is available.

Powder Injector Models - The basic models are controlled by hand, however a fully automated unit is available. The automated unit will sense the pressure drop in a collector & automatically increase or decrease the amount of powder required.

Powder Injector Models
The I.S. series Injectors come in two sizes - 30 gallon and 55-gallon drums. Special sizes are available upon request.

Though not certified or tested as a fire or explosion suppression system, the Injector can greatly reduce the risk of collector or duct fires by creating a "Fire-Inhibiting Environment".

Injector Layout: Example:


UV Air Purification - V-RES™ Home Air Treatment System

UV Power to Prevent the H1N1 Virus The V-RES 60 delivers maximum UV cleaning power & is clinically proven to kill bacteria, molds, viruses & pathogens on or near the coil surfaces. UV has even been proven to kill the H1N1 Virus. Standard features include a safety switch to ensure no accidental UVC exposure & 60 watt bulb guaranteed for 1 year. Mathematically modeled application software validates the system to provide 99.99% kill of Influenza A virus within one hour with standard home re-circulation systems.

Benefits of the V-RES 60 include:

  • Systems that are easy to install & fit in almost all residential HVAC systems
  • Mounting base includes safety switch which is activated only when the unit is safely mounted on the outside of the duct
  • Fully tested to all applicable electrical codes and fire standards including ETL certification against applicable UL standards
  • Product is designed for ease of installation & maximum safety.
  • Help to prevent the spread of the H1N1 Virus in your home

With the right control & application UV energy can be used for UV disinfection of water, purify air & surfaces, cure adhesives & coatings, sterilize tools & inactivate airborn molds, bacteria & viruses.

You can order the V-RES 60. Contact ENV Products at 952.491.0368 for bulk buying or distribution information. Cost is just $237.15 plus shipping.



Replacement Air Filters

Replacement Air Filters
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